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Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies Available (born Feb 9, 2024)

We are thrilled to announce that Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies from our esteemed Gianna/Tyrion lineage are now available for loving homes. At Aariel Ridgebacks, we are dedicated to breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks of the highest caliber, focusing on health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards.

Gianna, our top show female, officially known as GCH Aariel's Fate & Fury by Terra Christa, has won in prestigious arenas. She boasts an impressive lineage with champions such as Lennox, Shane, and Sugar on her dam's side, and Ansel as her sire. Her distinctive pedigree, combined with her innate grace and strength, makes her one of our most valued dogs.

Tyrion, whose full name is Kengali's I Drink and I Know Things, not only has a catchy name but also a majestic aura that perfectly complements Gianna's elegance. Their union was eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and breeders alike, knowing that the pairing would yield puppies of extraordinary quality.

The result of their chemistry is a litter of 10 gorgeous puppies, with 3 females and 7 males, each displaying the iconic ridge and exhibiting splendid coloring that captures the breed's essence. The vibrancy, health, and spirit of each puppy have exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be more delighted with the results.

If you're searching for a Rhodesian Ridgeback that emanates not only beauty and grace but also embodies the breed's tenacity and loyalty, look no further. These promising puppies are eager to find homes where they will be cherished and can grow into their majestic potential.

For a closer look or more details on their lineage, health, and pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're more than happy to share their stories and help you discover if one of these pups could be your next family member!

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