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Ansel - GCh Rollings Ansel Adams by Springvalley ROM​

Ansel inherited his father Gatsby’s excellent movement and drive, deep chest, gorgeous head, beautiful round eyes, and bone. From his mother, Ansel has inherited his long neck, wonderful substance, and impeccable angulation.  He is a Multiple Group Placing Ridgeback and was ranked as #1 as per the Canine Chronicle All Breed Rankings in January 2013.

Ansel is described as having the sweetest temperament - everyone is his friend! He is not reserved with his friendship. Ansel caught the eye of the Associated Press (AP) at the Westminster Kennel Club where he became the poster boy for the day giving his handler a BIG KISS for the camera’s on Valentine’s Day.  Such a sweet, sweet boy!

Ansel was #1 Stud Dog in 2018, so proud of Ansel and his family.

Ansel was bred by Jay Hyman and owned by Carla Graeff.


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