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A Ridgeback is more than a family member

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

​"The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a devoted companion. As imposing as he looks, he is wholeheartedly attached to his family, including children.  These are "people" dogs that want to be wherever you are. They love you deeply, with unswerving dedication and loyalty." Jan Reisen  December 23, 2016
When I read this description on the AKC website I was so taken on the poignant accuracy.  Ridgebacks are not outdoor dogs that can be 'left in the garden'.  Our ridgebacks live in our house and are with us all of the times, they are in the same room, same bed, same couch.  A ridgeback left to his own devices is unhappy and destructive.  They are actually great apartment dogs, with the proper amount of exercise.  They rarely bark and are easy going, enjoying the flow.
We have had the honor to have owned and currently own some of the top ridgebacks in the world.  Our ridgebacks have won the Ridgeback World Congress (held only once every four years with worldwide ridgebacks in attendance), have won AKC Best in all-breed Shows and  Specialty shows and have sired top dogs and top Hounds in the United States and South Africa.  
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